Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Laser hair Removal

One of the common questions asked by people who wish to curb hair growth revolves around the difference between laser and electrolysis hair removal. The simplest answer to this questions that electrology has existed for close to two centuries. By this time in history scholars had already started looking into ways of effectively managing if not curing abnormal hair of chemical reactions that were already well understood. Laser type of medication on the other hand is still in its infancy because this process uses laser beams reactions as it is not a larger extent based on chemical reactions as it s he case with electrolysis processes. Products used in electrolysis type of medication are also well involved and are for this reason of a wider and probably better variety. The availability of more products in the market means lower prices and this good thing as it creates competition. Competition on the other hand reduces prices making the exercise cheaper.


john petter said...
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Marian Lim said...

laser hair removal is still the best way to remove unwanted hairs. it may be expensive but it's really worth it.

Cityhair said...

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