Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Theory Behind Hair Electrolysis

Blend electrolysis hair removal method is a one touch combination of thermolysis and galvanic electrolysis. True to its name this treatment procedure is highly effective, less painful and highly recommended for people with any sorts of difficulties in eradicating hair from larger parts of the body like arms, legs, chest or backs. Given the effectiveness and the blend of electrolysis process into one, blend electrolysis is relatively expensive but it is definitely good value for money. It however requires an electrolysis practitioner with a good understanding of both galvanic and thermolysis types of treatments. A good blend electrolysis practitioner should be able to take care of the hair removal process fast enough and pending on the level of his or her expertise less medication is required as the process is not as painful as the other two. This kind of treatment also needs less retouch sessions especially for people with a lot of hair. The amount of hair one has determines the number of electrolysis sessions one has to take.


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