Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hair Electrolysis considerations

To achieve good results using electrolysis hair removal process, there are those who go for numerous touch ups to make sure the hair is completely eliminated in the parts of the body the wish to have clean shaved for life. Some do this using the galvanic process followed by thermolysis. This can be an expensive affair as these two processes are charged differently and they are not necessarily cheap especially when hair removal in the high end markets. Practitioners operating in up town areas tend to charge high fees but this is never without a reason. Mostly people trust them because of level of hygiene and their ability to use the latest treatment procedure and equipments because they charge enough to be able to afford them. Many have testified that this process is less painful and leaves one with very little side effects. Swelling or reddening of the skin is one of the side effects closely associated with single type electrolysis treatment?


elaInewinter80 said...

for me, laser hair removal is still the best way of removing unwanted hairs. check this out to find out more.

Cityhair said...

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