Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hair Removal Methods

Thermolysis electrolysis is one of the latest developments in electrolysis hair removal process. This type of electrolysis is most preferred because it is less painful. It is also effective and reliable as it can be used by a wider number of people. It is not restricted to certain skin types. Thermolysis is designed to use short wave radio frequencies emitted by a radio transmitter that is not harmful to the genes as this process does not include radio active elements. Thermolysis is approved by medical regulatory bodies across the world. This ensures that the process is safe and least harmful to human health. People opting for thermolysis must ensure that the gadgets they purchase for the regulatory bodies recommendations. Because this is a relatively new form of electrolysis hair removal process, it can be relatively expensive compared to the older versions. These machines are readily available and can be sold to any one across the counter. Those are not in a position of affording new machines can go for the refurbished types.


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