Saturday, August 20, 2011

Permanent Hair Removal

Hair removal is not similar to making instant coffee. The process requires a lot of patience especially when the practitioner has examined relevant facts about your health, hair and skin type. It is of utmost importance to note that an electrolysis hair removal process more than a single touch is often required. However, be in the know about practitioners who step of the number of touch ups with an aim of increasing the number of hours the treatment takes. This is a known strategy used by unscrupulous electrolysis practitioners to make people spend more hours. The practitioners achieve this by using methods that take unnecessarily longer than necessary. It is difficult to know the kind of person one chooses to handle the process but talking to a number of people he or she has treated before can help a great deal. Try and know exactly the length of time the process will take. This helps one consult with other experts to know whether the practitioner is telling the truth or bluffing.


Eric said...

I agree with the fact that for any technology either electrolysis or Laser, the perfection is by the hands of the practitioner. Some people blame on technology. I don't think its all true.

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Marian Lim said...

there are lots of ways to remove unwanted hairs, but only laser hair removal method gives a permanent result. for more information, click here

Cityhair said...

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