Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Electrolysis hair removal

Following instructions to the letter is very important when performing an electrolysis hair removal procedure. The number one cause of health hazards arising from electrolysis procedures is a result of human error. This can be to do with the steps or use of a faulty machine. Electrolysis practitioner must always make sure that the machine is functioning well because skin damages caused by faulty machine can be more damaging than that caused by a missed step in the hair removal medication procedure. Electrolysis machine mishaps cannot be controlled and they can occur in the middle of a procedure. This requires a practitioner to have more than one machine when attending to a customer.

Avoid embarrassing situations; as practitioner it is not right when clients leave the offices unsatisfied or sad. Electrolysis machines can cause this disappointment if not well serviced hence the importance of checking on their functionalities and this may include; voltage and other things that can be hazardous to clients.

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