Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hair electrolysis

Human hair is an important aspect of outer beauty. Hair electrolysis is used by a lot of people to remove the unwanted hair to enhance this beauty. Today we will talk about hair and its ups and downs:

Lately I've been paying attention to hair in all its human forms.
Yesterday, hoping to see a dermatologist, I could not help black hair, pointing to the horizon, leaving the mole on my seat neighbor. I closed my eyes and began to ask dear God, do not give me a hair of those. And I remembered that I have a mole on her neck, which discreetly touched with fingers, just in case. Why did my request? Why does my concern? Because I am almost 50 years and, as they say, at this age, the hairs begin to change places, to lose one, to invade the visible areas of the body. The thought just gives me chills. Leaving the doctor, I went to aa pharmacy dispensing the prescription. And guess what! I found another furry, one eyebrow with the power of a magnet, it attracted all eyes. It was then I decided to do something urgent. In the corridor of depilatory creams I found a box with what looked like two sponges, as indicated, were potent hair removers, hair and any outgoing wire body. Just what I needed at that moment of anxiety hairy. The instructions said it is better to prepare the skin before starting the operation of hair remover. But arriving at the house, to my pelarme urgency, and having rummaged and found two potential hairs on my chin, I decided not to wait until the next morning, after bathing. I washed my face with stealth, mopped the area invaded by those two black intruders and started sanding. Yes, you heard me right, to sanding. First I did not notice the impact, with the thrill of seeing over the sink one or two hair fall. But the two objects of my struggle, there they were, proudly pointing to the horizon, just like the hair on the mole of women. So sand and sand. Sand, because in the rush of urgency, even when I saw two 3M sandpaper, gray, opening the box I did not mean to relate these two leaves "scratchy" with sandpaper at the hardware they sell. How then?, If they come in a pink box in a pink box with a smiling monkey on the box. Continue sanding and finally, after mastering the technique, the untamable hair fell into the sink. Proud, I rubbed with rosewater face and I think even I patted me on the cheek, as my husband makes. I checked the area with a mirror, the result was desired. My chin, when touched, it felt like my niece's cheeks, smooth and soft. But with a little burning. When I tried to get cream, I felt the ardorcito was increasing, as if I burn the skin. I rubbed with water. After a few minutes, I started going out a pink rash, and his chin began to take shape Popeye's chin. I could not put the cream again, even putting on makeup to disguise the bump, like a pink ball below the mouth. I chose to highlight your eyes with shadow and eyeliner to ward off the attention of the chin, but what I got was a caricature of Lupita, live and in color. Right now, I'm seeing the smiling photo of the model of the box, and finding that fine print in the instructions, it says "apply first to the area of the arm to see if there is any allergic reaction." Thanks, but too late. They do not understand that, first, never read the instructions, much less the contraindications and second, that I'm almost fifty, he had this morning a traumatic shock and traumatic trance that was launched to save his youth, fighting the hairs of the world . No, of course nobody understands. For starters, the monkey of the box, does not exceed 20 years, which means that she still has the hair right off. Anyway, my twenties are over. I'm in the here and now he faced the chills that I get the hairs on the faces of others. Are your hair and I must respect. The only thing I worry is my hair and for the first time, read the instructions.

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