Monday, February 15, 2010

Hair removal and makeup

Hair electrolysis is the way to go for a lot of people. Beautification is an important aspect of life.

Makeup Trends

This fall the look is the protagonist. It takes: a skin very carefully, with lighting, but without glitter, a feline look in that dark colors combined with gold, fuchsia or even chocolates make the entire force is in the eye makeup. Let's not forget the cheeks: this autumn peach and earth tones are the main protagonists. And for the lips, two trends: a dark red lip for the most daring and a touch of sparkle in pale pink or flesh tone. Already have the keys, Use them now!


A flawless skin is already a core part of any season. It's time to let the moisturizer with color and bronzing powder, to return to the foundation. Apply with brush and then Blend with a sponge to avoid overloading the skin.

Choose a matte foundation and then illuminates the face with a powder without glitter enlightening: the skin is illuminated this year, but kill time. My favorite product to get this finish is the Mineral Loose Powder Mary Kay, which clarifies the shine and provides incredible brightness.


The smoky eye has a thousand different versions. As a basis we use black around the eye contour, both in the top as the bottom-and then a contrasting color to mark the bone to highlight the eyes.

Three tips on the colors you can use:

* Select a fuchsia in these days of September as the light is still very warm.

* Move to the gold in October to bring brightness to your look.

* Use the dark browns and chocolates for the autumn night.

The texture of the shadow can be in powder or cream. Apply a touch of brightness with a pearly white shade (such as Moonstone) in the tear area and below the eyebrow. Remember: brightness without glitter.

If you want to add a touch more dramatic look, apply the shadows a touch of eyeliner.


I this fall I step in cheek mate. Flushes (blushes) mate give it a velvety appearance to the skin. The colors you choose are undoubtedly land and peach and bronze shades.


The still red, just like last season, is the protagonist. The red tones are mostly very dark, but be careful: they are difficult to carry and do thinner lip. If you like do not give them, just apply them directly from the toolbar, so that the finish is lighter, and choose a middle tone. If you pass the red lip, pick up a lip gloss or tone in earth tone makeup. If your skin is dark, better use a rosewood.

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