Friday, January 15, 2010

Hair electrolysis as never before

Beautification is a market beyond belief. We are all looking to beautify ourselves. Hair electrolysis is one of these treatment. Today we shall talk about something related:

Spring and summer is coming with the new trends, all the latest tips and news to keep up and wear a face radiant. Bold is the word to define the latest trends this season. This season is characterized by a refined elitemakeup, cheerful and refreshing.

Skin preparation
Before applying make up is very important to start with clean skin and run it through a patch on the eye area. The brands such as Estée Lauder, Clinique, or Klorane are great for mixing small wrinkles. You can also apply a cream unifying eg Clarins Instant Light to help the eye shadow stay for hours.

Peach skin, complexion crystal fake naked innocence and attitude that we saw on the catwalk street signs, but to achieve this appearance of perfection, the skin should be flawless. Use a gentle exfoliating makeup skin clean well and then apply a moisturizing mask before putting on foundation. If you have dry or chapped lips, apply a lip balm from Decleor, Nuxe or Neutregina and remove dead skin with your fingers. If you have some wrinkles, do not forget to use lip liner such as Orlane or Shiseido.

Moisturise your skin
It is very important to moisturize your lips with Clinique's lip balm, Terry, Lancome Sweet Caprice, or using a plumping lip balm as Claris lèvres minutes or embelliseur Eclat Lancome Secret Plump, "It gives volume without itching or hot sexy feeling." For the tanning effect, this spring show was a natural tan look. You can achieve this look, with terracotta powder lost form with a metallic sheen that will illuminate the skin.

The Look shimmery
You can also apply a light base with a spark of light. The gleaming eyes, the rainbow effect, and light. Spring has arrived and the skin should reflect that. Shades of pearly pink and sensuality draft. Creativity and color are in this spring trends bold with Pop Art-inspired

His eyes filled with bright colors that will bring out your best features and give you a sexy and bold color. Your cheeks are like those of a healthy person, and if you combine the colors with you eyes, you will achieve the desired look. Shinny Lips look good with all skin tones. Lip gloss is your best ally. Your smile is radiant, cheeks full of life, and his eyes glaring. To brighten the face, just needs a little shine in check bones and lips. A pale complexion or illuminated under the umbrella of tanning lotions, and lip colors bright, glamorous.

Elite summer make up offers many possibilities! You can get a fresh look during the day, so it is more intense in the afternoon, and culminating with a glamorous and sexy look for evening. Now all you have to do is have fun with makeup tips!

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