Sunday, October 11, 2009

Alternatives to hair electrolysis

There are many types of hair removing devices. Many people prefer hair electrolysis as they think it is painless and quick, albeit expensive. Some other people are considering laser hair removal techniques. Among them single wavelength light devices (laser hair removal) and intense pulsed light (hair removal), are the most popular. There is a groqing demand by peoiple to use these two. These devices are very different in their ability to provide the outcome with respect to hair removal. It is important to consider any sideeffects and other problems when using any of these two techniques , the laser light of single wavelength and the intense pulsed light devices.
The intense pulsed light to the patient's skin to wavelengths of radiation offers unnecessary radiation. It also affects the levels of performance, intense pulsed light are lower than the light of single wavelength. Specifically, hair removal treatments performed by intense pulsed light equipment leads to increased incidence of complications and generally give lower results compared with those treated with the light of single wavelength.
Light devices single wavelength are easy to use, safe and comfortable and with a perfect performance, and have an integrated cooling system which makes the treatment less annoying. From the experience of our technicians and the satisfaction of our patients, the laser light of single wavelength is ideal for hair removal. The laser light of single wavelength in our opinion are superior to intense pulsed light when compared to hair removal.

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