Sunday, April 20, 2008

Home Electrolysis

Home electrolysis is a convenient way of having hair electrolysis at the comfort of your place. It is ideal for the people who often lack the time to even take a visit at hair clinics due to that PDA buzzing for another appointment at work or their status as being the regular travel junkie. Not only can one save a lot of money, but it’s also like treating yourself in a handy manner. Take heed though that some experts do not really recommend this portable hair electrolysis kit. There are no assurances and there are many drawbacks. What are they, we will soon find out.

A home electrolysis is a small device that has this pencil-like instrument. It has this retractable tool just like that of the professional electrolysis system. At the other end of the device is a cord connected to its battery on the main unit. A metal band is placed around the electrolysis pen so that you can hold it like a pencil. A spring is also secured by the pointy part so that it would support you so that you won’t insert it too deeply or puncture your skin. More than 10 seconds are alloted for the galvanic current to work. After that, try removing the hair with tweezers. Most often, the home electrolysis equipment work but if it doesn’t, try it again. Some models can be adjusted to maximize its result or better yet, so it would work properly. This way of having hair electrolysis is surely convenient but you have to be patient with the whole process of doing it on your own.

Its complicated I know and basically, the user has no training of whatsoever regarding hair removel or electrolysis itself. Some people find it more painful than hair waxing and hair plucking and even professional hair electrolysis. Other than that, there are some areas that are difficult to reach by using your own regular hand. Therefore you might not be able to treat yourself that well. It is also possible that the home electrolysis kit may cause skin damage and may even take longer than having electrolysis done professionally. Think about the electrolysis side effects such as swelling and redness that will take longer to cure or could turn into worse. Permanent results are quite possible due to the improper techniques because again, you are no professional. Lastly, many have tried electrolysis hair removal at home and again, many have failed.

Home electrolysis is not totally recommended because of the major drawbacks and cons it causes. Unlike professional hair electrolysis, it’s completely unpredictable. I mean you can spill yourself a few Advils after every treatment at the clinic but the danger that the portable one can cause should not be considered even for a thought at all. Effective remedy for unwanted hair should be taken seriously and be consulted to a certified professional, not some one touch electrolysis you can get at the beauty store. Bikini hair removal for example is a sensitive case and I don’t think that a regular home electrolysis can even do the job better than the usual professional hair electrolysis.

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