Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hair Removel

Men should consider having hair removel for all those excess hair all over their body. We have the hair electrolyis technology nowadays so it wouldn’t be hard at all. Hair plucking and hair waxing and even the often commercialized hair lazer would just be the next options in getting rid of those chest and legs hair for some matter. Whoever said women should be the only ones hogging all the cosmetic treatments? What, you guys have no problem with unwanted hair or is it just that you don’t really give a nerve about it? Seriously, you should opt for hair removel and cut the chauvinist talk. Better yet, go to an electrolysis clinic and see for yourself.

Its not totally Queer Eye For The Straight Guy we’re promoting here. Its more of awareness in taking care of your body and flashing the beauty out of it and yes, men can be beautiful too. Looking good in front of the mirror and feeling great about it isn’t gay. I mean, women love the thought of a stunning and clean creature staring back at them. This is so out of season and I doubt it will be a very long time before it ever comes back. Hair removel is what’s going on now. If it’s in, what suppresses you guys the right to not be in it? Basically women make the trend when it comes to body care and for some reason we intend that the men follow it. In this case its hair removel specifically electrolysis. Take note of that.

Let’s be frank. Father Adam must have started the whole facial thing since God knows that there were no clinics before. People back then had to settle for unsanitary manual shaving with their knives if they don’t feel liking the beard anymore. But then it grows back and the mess starts all over again a week later. Its bothersome since men back then had to work really hard unlike now where most of their species are bigwigs in companies and the hardest labor they could go for is at the gym. Hair removel was only limited to the blade and the torture bed. Electrolysis was too far out to be conceived in the mind.

In some cultures, hairless men are as attractive as women in the eyes of their fellow men. They are closely associated to the eunuchs of the ancient days. Even if they have thought of inventing some hair inhibitor before, I doubt that it will ever turn out to be a goody for the men. It was a society where manly hair was as important as being strong and all. Look at the biblical Samson for example. He was all hair and almighty until the lady Delilah cut it. His excess hair probably disturbed her so much that she was just so crazy about getting rid of it even without the bribe. Delilah’s hair removel act upon Samson made it to history. It’s too bad that there was no electrolysis back then to ensure security.

What’s the point? The men should consider joining the league of clean-cut creatures all over the world. Opting for the rugged look can still be achieved through actions and the manly vehicle and the clothing every now and then even without all those unwanted hair. Even if you are not really crazy about electrolysis and all, at least have the decency of hair removel because women are certainly a step ahead of you for this matter.

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