Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hair Electrolysis

Hair electrolysis seem to be a foreign word when you encounter it and I believe the simple definition for it is the electrical hair removel practice to permanently get rid of hair. I have been a continuous customer of waxing for two years now and the longest period for the it to grow back is about two weeks. If you ask me, electrolysis hair removal is good news.

In the mainstream world, unwanted hair has been the constant problem in any beauty care regimen. In some cultures though, the more the woman has the better. Sounds like the Stone Age for me and that is probably the reason why hair electrolysis has infiltrated the society. We are like living in a world where the hairy body fad is long gone. Basically it should be all pure unadulterated skin nowadays. This is why licensed hair clinics are here to help every insecure girl or boy out there in dealing with this relatively embarrassing issue. Name it, we have the hair and bikini hair and in some cases, chest and facial hair which some men are proud to have. Seriously, it isn’t always a good sight let alone sexy. It’s scary especially for the case of women. Hair electrolysis is there to save you lady, from ridicule. Cut the talk on promoting womanity and the real woman should be all natural. The only all-natural that’s being considered here in this world are fruit juices and organic diet. So let us set aside beauty for this case but what about comfort? Is it not bad enough that God had the humor to create us in his supposedly “male” image but do we have to suffer from being hairy too? No we don’t. This is why hair electrolysis came to existence. It’s for your comfort, girl. By the way it’s not the crowning glory locks that we’re talking about. It’s the unwanted hair.

Some may say that it’s a cosmetic luxury. No its not. We are trying to save the people suffering from hirsutism here or the people who grow excess hair all over. We do not want to look like cavemen do we? Seriously if we can’t achieve perfection since we had no control about our appearances from the moment we were born, we could at least have the decency to look clean and presentable. Again hair electrolysis is out there to redeem us from stares of ridicule.

Electrolysis cost could be cheap or pocket-heavy. But there is nothing wrong in taking a trip to the nearest electrolysis clinic in your place and ask. Removing unwanted hair prices up and down once in a while depending on the establishment. If you think it’s too expensive, some companies offer home electrolysis kits. Precautionary measures should be taken into consideration though. We do not want your body to be put into jeopardy do we? We don’t want to act all futile just so we could look good. Remember that hair clinics should be licensed since this issue is a danger zone if we become careless. Hair electrolysis is super good but then, we have other important things to think about like maybe staying alive.

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